Is Mucus A Specific Defense?

Why is temperature considered a nonspecific defense?

Fever is considered a nonspecific defense mechanism because it develops in response to numerous traumas.

Fever is initiated by circulating substances calledpyrogens, which affect the brain’s hypothalamus and cause the latter to raise the temperature..

What is a specific defense against infection?

Natural barriers and the immune system defend the body against organisms that can cause infection. (See also Lines of Defense.) Natural barriers include the skin, mucous membranes, tears, earwax, mucus, and stomach acid.

What four nonspecific defenses are caused by pathogens invading the body?

Nonspecific defenses include anatomic barriers, inhibitors, phagocytosis, fever, inflammation, and IFN. Specific defenses include antibody (more…)

What are examples of specific defenses?

Specific Defense (The Immune System)Recognition. The antigen or cell is recognized as nonself. … Lymphocyte selection. The primary defending cells of the immune system are certain white blood cells called lymphocytes. … Lymphocyte activation. … Destruction of the foreign substance.

What line of defense is mucus?

“White blood cells are among other places located in the oral mucosa, and they represent the body’s first line of defence against infectious agents. The mucus in the mouth causes the white blood cells to throw out a ‘net’ that traps bacteria”, explains Ole Sørensen from the Division of Infection Medicine.

What is a non specific Defence?

The body is constantly defending against attacks from pathogens . These first lines are general defences, and are not specific to fight against certain types of pathogen. … They are called non-specific, and they can be physical or chemical barriers.