Quick Answer: How Difficult Is The Recovery From DIEP Flap Surgery?

What type of breast reconstruction is best?

Implant and flap surgery are the two major types of breast reconstruction.

Flaps make use of a woman’s own tissue to reconstruct the breast.

Flaps offer a larger, softer breast.

The best candidates for implants tend to be smaller, thinner women..

What do you wear after DIEP flap surgery?

It’s not any different after DIEP flap surgery. You won’t want to reach up high in your closet for shirts and pants. Have comfortable button up shirts and pull on pants easy to get to in your closet. Have a few soft, cotton cami’s to wear under, YES, under you bra.

How long do you wear binder after Diep Flap?

If your surgeon gave you an abdominal binder, wear it all day for the first 3 weeks after surgery. Then wear it for the next 3 weeks during the day only. All your stitches will dissolve on their own. All your dressings will be removed on the day you leave the hospital.

What is better DIEP flap or implants?

In general, the studies found better quality of life and breast satisfaction with flap procedures, however, they also found that rates of complications were higher with flap procedures than with implants.

Does insurance cover Diep Flap?

Will my insurance cover DIEP/GAP flap reconstructions? Yes. If your insurance covers mastectomy, they must by law cover the reconstruction method of your choice.

How soon can you drive after breast reconstruction surgery?

Ask your doctor before you get back behind the wheel. Most women can resume driving 10 to 14 days after surgery.

How long is hospital stay after breast reconstruction?

The length of your hospital stay depends on the type of operation and how your recovery goes. If you got implants, the average hospital stay is 1 to 2 days. Flap procedures may require a stay of 5 to 6 days.

When can I take a bath after DIEP flap surgery?

In all cases: – Don’t take a bath for at least 2 weeks after surgery to reduce the risk of infection. When you can take a bath, make sure the incision is fully closed. If needed, ask your assigned nurse for advice.

How painful is DIEP flap surgery?

Although the DIEP flap procedure is more invasive and requires a longer surgery than traditional (subpectoral) tissue expander/implant reconstruction, DIEP flap patients experience less pain for a couple of reasons: Minimal muscle trauma.

What is the difference between a TRAM flap and DIEP flap?

TRAM flap focuses on using tissue from your abdominal muscles, as well as some soft tissue. DIEP flap spares the abdominal muscle and uses only soft fat tissue and local blood vessels. Each procedure has long recovery times, and similar side effects.

What can you eat after DIEP flap surgery?

Take time and create a menu for the week after having DIEP Flap Surgery. Maybe even prepare some meals and freeze them. Focus on whole foods. Processed foods tend to have higher amounts of fat, sugar, salt, chemical additives, and far less fiber and vitamins than whole foods.

How long do you wear a binder after a tummy tuck?

about six weeksYou’ll wear a supportive abdominal garment (abdominal binder) for about six weeks after your tummy tuck.

How long will my stomach feel tight after a tummy tuck?

six to 12 weeksAlthough the tight feeling seem alarming, it is a natural part of the healing process. Patients should expect this to last anywhere from six to 12 weeks following their tummy tuck procedure, but it may take up to a year to regain normal sensory function in the abdominal area.

How long is your stomach swollen after a tummy tuck?

about two to three monthsSwelling after tummy tuck surgery can last for quite some time since the surgery is rather extensive. The most noticeable swelling experienced after tummy tuck will subside after about two to three months, though mild swelling or puffiness in the abdominal region will still be common.

How long does it take to recover from DIEP flap surgery?

The recovery time for flap reconstruction is four to six weeks to resume most normal activities. You will be sore for about a week or two and then begin to improve every day.

How dangerous is DIEP flap surgery?

As with any major surgery, DIEP flap surgery also has risks. Common risks from major surgeries can include excessive bleeding, infection, the wound opening, asymmetry, and deep vein thrombosis.

Do you lose weight after Diep Flap?

My personal experience after DIEP flap was that I did lose weight and am now happily maintaining a normal and healthy BMI. This is something I struggled with prior to breast reconstruction.

When can you sleep on your side after having DIEP flap surgery?

During the first 2 weeks, place pillows under your head and knees. Sleeping in a recliner may be most comfortable to keep the upper body supported. After the first 2 weeks, sleeping on your side and back is permitted, but not on your stomach. After 4 weeks, resume normal and comfortable sleeping positions.

Who is a good candidate for DIEP flap surgery?

Patients who have failed implant reconstruction, whether they have implants or tissue expanders in place, are often great candidates for DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

Is breast reconstruction a major surgery?

Recovery. Breast reconstruction is major surgery. A person can expect to spend several days in the hospital after both implant reconstruction and flap reconstruction. People may need more than one surgery to fully reconstruct the breast(s).