Quick Answer: What Is Normal Range Of HCV RNA?

What does HCV RNA not detected mean?

If your HCV RNA test is positive, then you have a current infection.

If no HCV viral RNA is detected, then you either do not have an active infection or the virus is present in very low numbers..

What is HCV PCR quantitative?

The quantitative HCV RNA PCR test indicates the number of viral copies of HCV in the blood. It works by detecting how much genetic material is present in a small amount of blood. For many people, the quantitative test has replaced the qualitative test.

How accurate is HCV RNA test?

This measures your “viral load,” the actual amount of HCV in your blood. The RNA test is almost 100% accurate and can detect an infection within a couple of weeks after exposure. If your RNA test is negative even though you tested positive for antibodies, it means the earlier result was probably not true.

What are the chances of getting Hep C sexually?

Most experts believe that the risk of sexual transmission of HCV is low. Most studies show that only a small percentage of people – usually ranging from 0-3% – contract HCV through unprotected heterosexual intercourse with a long-term, monogamous HCV-positive partner.

What is HCV test negative?

What does a non-reactive HCV antibody test result mean? A non-reactive or negative antibody test means that you are not currently infected with the hepatitis C virus. However, if you think you might have been exposed to hepatitis C in the last 6 months, you will need to be tested again.

What is the normal range of HCV RNA quantitative?

Understanding the viral load range The viral load results from the quantitative PCR test can range from 15 to 100,000,000 IU/L. If your results are: Fewer than 15 IU/mL: The virus is detected, but the amount can’t be measured exactly.

What is a normal HCV viral load?

Insofar as viral hepatitis C is concerned, a high viral load is usually over 800,000 IU/L, while a low viral load is under 800,000 IU/L. This range can vary significantly, however, based on what is considered average in a specific region or population.

What is HCV RNA level?

The quantitative HCV RNA tests measure the amount of hepatitis C virus in the blood. The result will be an exact number, such as “1,215,422 IU/L.” Many people refer to the quantitative measurement as the hepatitis C “viral load.”

What is a high level for hep C?

The goal of hep C therapy is to drop your virus count low enough so it’s undetectable. If that’s the case 3 months after you finish your treatment, you’re considered cured. This happens in more than 90% of people who get the recommended treatments. High viral load: This is when your count is more than 800,000 IU/mL.

Can HCV be cured?

The Hepatitis C virus is considered “cured” if the virus is not detected in your blood when measured with a blood test 3 months after treatment is completed. This is called a sustained virologic response (SVR) and data suggest that you will stay virus free indefinitely.

What happens if HCV is positive?

A positive result means that you were exposed to the hepatitis C virus at some point in your life. If the result is positive, your provider will perform a second test called hepatitis C virus RNA (or HCV RNA) to see if the virus is still in your body.

What is HCV RNA NAA qualitative?

The Hepatitis C (HCV), RNA Qualitative NAA test is used to detect and confirm Hepatitis C virus infection in patients. Hepatitis C is a bloodborne liver disease, where exposure to the blood of an infected person may result in infection.