What Jobs Require Reflexes?

What jobs require fast reflexes?

Career Information for Jobs that Require Quick ThinkingLawyers.

Lawyers need a law degree and in order to practice law, they must have a valid law license.

Psychiatric Technicians and Aides.

Air Traffic Controllers.

Athlete and Sports Competitors.

EMTs and Paramedics..

Can you improve your reflexes?

Yes definitely, reflexes are key to blocking an opponent and timing your movements. Improving reflexes will help with anything where you need to react quickly. … Of course, reflexes have nothing to do with your body size or being a child, you just have to practice regularly and your reflexes will improve.

What jobs require good organizational skills?

While your organizational skills keep your life running smoothly, they can also help you achieve career success….There are careers perfect for like-minded individuals who love to organize.Construction superintendent. … Event planner. … IT project manager. … Museum archivist. … Real estate agent.More items…•

Which sport requires fastest reflexes?

Reaction time is something that is hard to train for, though a sports person can be perceived to have a better reaction time by improving their anticipation of other players and by making better choices….Top Ranked Reaction Time Sports.RankingSportRating1Softball86.92Fencing86.33Boxing85.84Badminton85.343 more rows

What are three examples of things that could slow down your reaction time?

Many factors have been shown to affect reaction times, including age, gender, physical fitness, fatigue, distraction, alcohol, personality type, and whether the stimulus is auditory or visual.

What jobs require high levels of cardiovascular fitness?

Few such prominent jobs that require you to be physical fit are mentioned below:Sports person. Fitness is an athlete’s full-time occupation. … Fire fighter. … Lifeguard. … Military personnel. … Personal trainer. … Dance teacher. … Construction worker. … Tour guide.More items…•