Where Do You Put Blinds On A Deep Window Sill?

Do blinds have to fit exactly?

Shades and blinds must fit precisely to a window’s measurements only if they are installed inside the window frame or opening.

This is called an inside mount..

Should blinds be longer than window?

Measuring for outside mount blinds is a different process. … Because you’re mounting the blinds outside the window on the wall above, they need to be slightly wider and taller than the opening. We recommend going at least 2″ wider than the opening on either side, so 4″ total.

Is it OK if blinds are too long?

Horizontal blinds that are too long look bad, but also create a serious safety hazard for young children. Fortunately, shortening them is easy—all you need are scissors and a screwdriver.

What if blinds are too long?

Remove the bottom rail and slats necessary to shorten the blind. Re-insert the bottom rail in between the ladder cords at your new desired height.

Where should you hang blinds?

Measure your windows. If you hang your blinds on the outside, your window (and the blinds) will look larger. Hanging the blinds on the inside gives your window a slimmer look. Inside mounts also allow more light to shine around the edges of the blinds.

Do you put blinds inside or outside window?

If you’re installing blackout window treatments to block unwanted light, then you should use outside mount blinds. Mounting blinds outside the window frame will give you more light coverage than blinds that hang from the inside.

Does spotlight cut blinds to size?

Spotlight do sell ones that say that you can cut the wooden blinds to size yourself. There’s not much difference, but in a quick comparison, I thought the Bunnings ones were a bit thicker and a bit nicer.

Does it matter if venetian blinds are too long?

Venetian blinds are an excellent window addition. They can look very stylish and can be effective at blocking others from seeing into your home. However, they look best when they’re not bunched at the bottom. If this happens, it means that the venetian blinds are too long for your window.

Where do you hang blinds in a deep window?

You can either mount your blinds inside or outside of the casing. Hanging the blinds outside means your window look bigger but when you hang your blinds inside, your window looks slimmer. When you need to mount your blinds outside, measure along the outside edges of the casing that surrounds the window.

What does exact mean in blinds?

Exact is when you want your blind to be fitted on the outside of the window recess.

How should Roman shades fit in window?

Measure the vertical height of the area you wish to cover. In outside mount style, when the roman shade is kept completely pulled up, it will cover about 10-12” of your window. So we recommend installing the roman shade at least 10”-12” above the window frame so it does not block the view when kept pulled up.

How close should blinds be to the window?

Outside-Mounted Vertical Blinds Add 3″ for each side (6″ total overlap) to ensure light control and privacy. Measure the exact height of window from top edge of molding to bottom edge, or to top of sill if there is one. Add 3″ to allow for adequate mounting area above the window.

Are blinds supposed to touch the window sill?

In most cases blinds look and work the best when they rest on the window sill. No one is ever going to notice extra 1/2″ of length and this keeps them from blowing in a slight breeze. If you prefer for the blinds not to touch the windowsill, you should deduct 1/4″.

Should blinds be flush with window?

1. Measuring window frame for accurate blinds fitting. … 1) Mounting flush with the wall gives a cleaner look, as it hides the depth of the window sill itself and gives a smooth surface against your wall. We recommend this in most cases if you are mostly concerned with aesthetics.

Can you inside mount blinds on double hung windows?

As long as your window frame has enough depth to mount blinds inside the opening, we almost always recommend an inside mount. … For double hung windows, be sure that you measure from the farthest protruding pane to the edge of the trim.

Should blinds cover window trim?

A practical question that pops up in the mind of homeowners is if they have a trim included on the windows, where should they install the blinds? Trims are good to look at and are functional, but they do not cover the windows. Trim or no trim, window blinds have to be mounted to make the windows functional.

What do you do when your blinds are not wide enough?

The easiest solution for blinds that are too wide is to install them as an outside mount instead of an inside mount. The included installation brackets are compatible with either mounting option, so this is a quick fix.

Can you put blinds on window frame?

You just mount the brackets outside of the window frame and hang your blinds or shades so they extend past the frame. … The brackets for the outside mount blinds and shades can be installed on the window frame, on the wall outside of the window frame, or on the ceiling, above the window frame.